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By plaidklaus June2017

Greeting Glimmer Gang,

I wanted to write a short note thanking everyone for the continual support. I’ve been in the process of moving this month and have a tight deadline on a comic set to publish later this year.

I haven’t forgotten about the Glimmer Society, it’s constantly on my mind. I hope to deliver some continuous posts within a week, but I wanted to write this to let everyone know the demons haven’t dragged me to the dungeons…not yet at least.

I promise I’ll be updating some content soon! thanks,

Plaid Klaus

Patreon Update: Page 05 (Thumbnails)

By plaidklaus May2017

Glimmer Society Members,

The horror continues! Another fun Patreon post, we’re now on page 05. A special thank you for the continued support to all our Glimmer Society Patreon members. I’ve been loving drawing the intro to the first issue. Jamie doesn’t hold back, we really jump right into the darkness and turn the “creep nob” up to 11.

I’m still working hard to stick with one thumbnail every week or so. If you’re part of the Patreon, spread the word and help grow this thing. If you haven’t signed up, every dollar helps production move faster. For $1/month you get to view ALL the behind the scenes thumbnails to the story as they come out.

For all you fans on the sidelines, thanks still for tuning in and we hope to have some cool news posts on occult subjects soon!

Plaid Klaus

Patreon Update: Page 04 (Thumbnails)

By plaidklaus May2017

Hey GS Fans!

Our Facebook Page is up to 232 Likes and our Patreon is up to 12 members!!! I want to thank everyone for spreading the word. We will continue to work update everyone here as the book develops. The more support we see the more our engines get going, so keep sharing with friends.

On the down low, we do have some plans to start posting some articles on occult history and actual alchemists and magick practitioners. I’m trying to decide what figure would be an interesting entry point for people who aren’t “in the know.” Keep checking in on the Facebook page, we’ll be sure to post some links when the news articles are updated.

Check out the new post on:

thanks everyone!

Plaid Klaus

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