The Heart

Unlikely leader of the Glimmer Society and descendant of Bradford Prep’s founder Walter Kropp, Max may not be your mountain of muscle, but he has the heart and the drive to step up when the ectoplasm hits the fan. He’s also heir to Kropp’s collection of “Occult Wonders,” which includes the great “Ocu-Occu Glasses” (Ocular-Occult) that allow him to see an ill-tempered poltergeist coming from a mile away. Unfortunately, there are no special glasses in the collection to help him see whether or not he ends up with Valentine in the future…

Crypt 'O' Meter

  • Strength: 43
  • Dexterity: 68
  • Stealth: 66
  • Intelligence: 64
  • Healing: 48
  • Magic: 35


The Witch

Not much is known about Valentine LaFitte…and she’d like to keep it that way. An ascending maiden witch, she comes from a long line of “black wicken,” a branch of Romanian witches who mate with demons. Trust issues? Body image issues? Those are on the backburner for Valentine. Find out why her parents’ sacrificed themselves to some creature called The Dark Lady to keep their only daughter out of harm’s way? Yep. You could say Valentine doesn’t sleep too well at night.

Crypt 'O' Meter

  • Strength: 42
  • Dexterity: 38
  • Stealth: 40
  • Intelligence: 65
  • Healing: 46
  • Magic: 80


The Brain

Chessmaster, spell guru, teen prodigy barred from Teen Jeopardy for taking the network to the cleaners…Ridgewood is the brains of the Glimmer Society. He mans the great “Monster Caddy,” a curated collection of tiny vials filled with monsters that would make Dracula’s skin crawl. With the right spell, Ridgewood can conjure monsters to take on greater size to help the team train in battle; with the wrong spell…well, it can be a rough Tuesday morning. There’s also that monster of a secret Ridgewood is hiding from his friends and family…

Crypt 'O' Meter

  • Strength: 45
  • Dexterity: 40
  • Stealth: 38
  • Intelligence: 75
  • Healing: 44
  • Magic: 70


The Shaman

The lovechild of an Catholic Irish missionary and a Brazilian tribeswoman, Tessa has one foot in the real world and one in the spirit realm. When she’s not campaigning for OxFam or finding ways the school can be more eco-friendly, she is honing her own form of “natural martial arts,” the art of using the natural environment as a springboard to combat enemies of Mother Earth, living or dead.

Crypt 'O' Meter

  • Strength: 44
  • Dexterity: 52
  • Stealth: 78
  • Intelligence: 62
  • Healing: 60
  • Magic: 66


The Anti-Jock Hero

Appearances may be deceiving…This old adage couldn’t be more true when it comes to Topher Daniels. He’s All-American in just about every sport; the girls fawn over him like he’s water in the Sahara Desert. But rippling muscles hide the heart of a poet and a deep sadness: unable to reach his younger sister in time before she was abused, Topher has committed his life to speed and strength. Armed with his grandfather’s “mummy hands,” and a secret ability to teleport between small spaces, Topher will never let the weak go unprotected again.

Crypt 'O' Meter

  • Strength: 78
  • Dexterity: 75
  • Stealth: 70
  • Intelligence: 53
  • Healing: 51
  • Magic: 48


The Valkyrie

What’s up with all these puritanical, hypocritical Americans? Oona wants to know. The heiress to a vast fortune in Sweden, she’s never really worried about details…or social mores. She would love to just split social conventions right down the middle just like she splits skulls with her massive Bjorni battle axe. So what if she’s had relations with most of the football team? Topher’s the one she wants. And Oona gets what she wants.

Crypt 'O' Meter

  • Strength: 62
  • Dexterity: 51
  • Stealth: 48
  • Intelligence: 45
  • Healing: 52
  • Magic: 35