James Potter


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A lover of comic books and the occult fiction of the late great John Bellairs (1938-1991), James gravitated towards the paranormal world
 from an early age. Watching the first episode of The X-Files 
with his older brother Andrew was a transformative experience, as well as an
 education in great storytelling and mythmaking. Since growing up a little, 
James has devoted his time to finding his voice through writing,
 publishing short fiction in The Portland Review, and winning 
two international short story competitions for science fiction and
 horror. His first full-length novel Pneumatica, an adventure in alternative history involving a seventeen-year-old girl with a mechanical arm, debuts later this year. The opportunity to team up with Plaid Klaus on The Glimmer Society is truly a dream 
come true.

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Plaid Klaus


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Currently a New York based artist having recently co-created the web-comic series “Turncoat.” Artistically blending cartoons and realism allows me to lure readers into a web of psychological dark comedies. Having a perplexing mix of interests, from the occult, Gnosticism, Internet conspiracy lore, science fiction, psychedelics and Darwinian social dynamics, has caused me to explore avant-garde counter culture comics. My ultimate aim is to produce graphic literature that challenges the mind in a playful manner.

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