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The Glimmer Society Debuts in VOID TRIP Issue #2 and #3!

By jrpotter December2017

Hey there, Glimmer pals!

We trust that you’ve been living the good life, unimpeded by soul-sucking parasitic monsters or headless ghouls intent on brain munching. Those things can really be a drag!

We’re thrilled to announce that The Glimmer Society is getting some love in the pages of Plaid Klaus and Ryan O’Sullivan’s new series Void Trip from Image Comics. Void Trip has carved out a fascinating, fresh niche in the Sci-Fi universe. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen something come along that combines the Merry Prankster tripping ethos of the Summer of Love with mind-numbing terror haunting the Cosmos. The Glimmer Society has also always loved exploring horror with comedy. It can’t always be total darkness, friends. You’ve got to let a little light (and levity) in if you want to survive.

Void Trip Issue #2 hits shelves on 12/27 but you don’t have to wait until then to dive into this critically-acclaimed series. Hit the ground running with Issue #1, jump in the van and pick up our Glimmer Society road companions in Issue #2. We promise you the “trip” will be well worth it!

Here are some links below where you can get on the cosmic bus. Thanks for all the love and support helping spread the word so creator-owned comics like The Glimmer Society and Void Trip make it to print. CHEERS! - Jamie