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Glimmer Site Launch!

By plaidklaus May2016

The Glimmer Society (began back in 2013)
The Glimmer Society (began back in 2013)

Greetings Glimmer Gang!

Jamie and I are resuscitating The Glimmer Society with a newfound second wind. Our goal, with your help, is to make this comic a phenomenon. If you’re here, chances are you’re one or two ‘Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ from Jamie Potter or myself (Plaid Klaus). This means you’re the society’s founding members! We need your help spreading the word around. Jamie and I are in this thing for the long haul; we have a really vast vision for the series, but we are building it from the ground up.

So strap on your gear, crack your knuckles, and storm the social networks. Link to the site, tell some friends, and start the battle cry! But first, of course, check out the comic. We’re going to be posting a page a day for the next week (a week of glimmer).

Alongside this website, which will act as the home for upcoming news, events, and the webcomic, we have started a Patreon page to gather financial support for the development. We are looking to build an army of Patrons (comic supporters). We aren’t looking for huge donations, just $1-5 month can help out. The plan is to develop a page for every $100/month we get. So the faster we can grow our comic fan base, the quicker we can develop the series. Right now we’re sitting at $11/month, which is enough to have me start developing a thumbnail a month (so by the time I’m 95 we should have this book developed).

In all seriousness, every little fan donation helps to build a bigger experience that we can all share together. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy reading this comic just as much as Jamie and I enjoy creating the thing.

So, Read the Comic and help out with a Donation on Patreon.