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Volume 01: Issue 01 - Page01

By plaidklaus March2017

Patreon Post 3

Our Society Grows

First of all, shout out to the latest Patreon member of The Glimmer Society, Joshua Schmidt! Thanks for joining our little society.

Patreon Update

Now, my good friend, and partner in the dark arts, Jamie Potter, finally handed over the Issue 01 script. I hope you enjoyed those early thumbnails from the last post. Those pages may be brought back into the fold later, but for now imagine this page as the official start of the series.

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Page two will be posted next Monday, and hopefully we will stick to a page a week after that. Your support is really appreciated and helps put a fire under our rears to get this comic out into the world. Spread the word online so we can grow our society, the Glimmer Society (which if you’re reading this you are officially a part of).

As an extra “thank you” to you Patreon fans, we thought it would be fun to include Jamie’s original script pages (each week along with the thumbnails). He puts a lot of fun energy into the script before he hands it off, so I thought you guys would enjoy the read. If you are a comic creator, it will give you an idea of solid comic writing formating. It is also a good behind the scenes look at how a page develops from the written word to crystalized visual narrative.

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Enjoy, and stay tuned for more COMICS!

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Signature Plaid Klaus

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