Glimmer Society News

Volume 01: Issue 01 - Page02

By plaidklaus March2017


From the demonic desk of J.R. Potter…

Well, glimmer fans, it’s another frightening morning here at Glimmer Society HQ. It was a full moon last night, and you can believe there were unsettling things roaming the countryside where I live. At one point in the night my trusty hound Townes gave a few audible whines, his pale eyes widening with horror at the appearance of…a skunk, or maybe a decapitated Civil War-era soldier still looking for his bullet-holed hat. I’m hoping for the former.

In this latest thumbnail from the maestro of terror Plaid Klaus we see the seeds of our hero Max’s inner turmoil starting to take root. He’s being haunted nightly, and you may say, “Well, who the hell isn’t?” and you’d be perfectly in the right. However, our punkish hacker friend Max is being haunted by a very, very bad force, the dark side of the dark side of the force, you could say. More to be illuminated in the shadowy canvas of our story as we proceed, holding our breath and making sure all major exit signs are clear. GIVE UP ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER!

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As the secretary for the Glimmer Society Class of 2001, I consider it my solemn duty to report the lore which I have gleaned from many dusty troll holes under the seemingly innocent ground. What may seem like a fantastic if not frightening exploration into an illusory world, in truth, it is my obsessive commitment to relaying the events as they were told to me…or, worse still, experienced.

Be well, or as well as you can be…